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Fostering Entrepreneurship in Science Technology Engineering & Math


FESTEM is a project designed to enhance the outcomes of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the formal education system in the Palestinian Territories to meet the needs of the labour market, with a view to meeting the current and emerging needs of the territory’s start-ups ecosystem. The project will introduce an innovative pathway that meets the multidisciplinary needs of the two domains, STEM education and entrepreneurship. The pathway will improve the students’ knowledge in latest STEM trends and their ability to establish start-ups and at the same time building the knowledge at the partner countries universities. The pathway will be developed based on previous best practices implemented within the EU partner universities.

The project is essentially process-oriented and is aimed at strengthening and developing indigenous technical and entrepreneurship capacity in the partnership. Some of its success can be measured by assessing the quality, timeliness and pertinence of the capacity building provided as well as to the access to the Palestinian universities’ facilities and to relevant local points of reference and knowledge. Along with that, will come human capacity building for partner universities in the STEM topics based on contemporary learning methodology that encourages both professional practice and entrepreneurship.

These will include learning and transfer of experience and know-how from EU partners experienced in the subject area of the project via joint workshops, shorts visits, continuous collaboration, discussions and so forth. Additionally, to improve competencies and skills in business area, the project will provide collaboration opportunities with existing startups in the industry, specifically, through joint supervision of new business ideas, and more generally through discussions of the topic areas.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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