Target Groups


FESTEM will help students develop their entrepreneurship knowledge through applying courses related to STEM programmes. These programs will open up opportunities for students to take part in the start-up ecosystem and encourage them to invent their own start-ups. This will enhance the skills of potential entrepreneurs in areas of skill deficiency and areas required for more advanced engagement in entrepreneurial projects. 36 students will also be participate in a two weeks training held in Europe

Teaching staff

FESTEM will include training in the EU for faculty members to be able to support entrepreneurship education and student engagement in entrepreneurial activities that are essential for the development of an entrepreneurial university. They will hence gain experience in the recent STEM trends and ability to identify new trends. Transfer the know-how from the experienced EU partners to the Palestinian partners.


Start-ups will intensively be part of the workshops held within the project time limit. This will open up opportunities for them to acquire more knowledge about the entrepreneurship strategy in the Higher Education. They will also participate in the training of students for potential graduate start-ups


Enterprises and field professionals will build a joint partnership with the HEI in order to share their knowledge and experience and involve the students within the industry thereafter.

Fostering Entrepreneurship in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (FESTEM) is a project funded by the European Union. It aims is to help university students develop entrepreneurship in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programmes (STEM) and implement it within the Palestinian start-up ecosystem in order to associate between the enterprise network and academia, decrease the levels of graduate unemployment and eventually lead to economic growth.


Aiming is to help university students develop entrepreneurship in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programmes (STEM), our project FESTEM has been launched on April 2018. The consortium had a kick off meeting in University of Seigen located in Seigen, Germany.
BZU launches the FESTEM Conference
The faculties of Engineering & Technology and Science in Birzeit University have launched on Wednesday 26th of September 2018, the Fostering Entrepreneurship in STEM topics Conference in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education Dr.
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We encourage our target groups develop knowledge to become our future entrepreneurs

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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